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13 October 12

POKEMON B/W2: Guide to increase your join avenue population


I take no credit in coming up with the idea since Japanese players have been doing this since BW2 came out in Japan. I simply happened to come across helpful topics on both gamefaqs and /vp/ board from 4chan while I was looking on the web to see how I would increase my own join avenue’s population. I only took pictures to make it easier for people to understand.

What is Join Avenue and why should you care?

For detailed reasons why you should care about join avenue for your black2 and white2 game, see serebii’s explanation. Long story short, join avenue offers you the chance of purchasing items/services that would be difficult to obtain or normally nonexistent in-game. As you get more people to come visit your join avenue, the chances if you finding the someone with the shop you want increases and you get chance to level up these shops you have inside join avenue for better items being sold there.


Anyway, for this method to work you need 2 MAGNEMITE that can be found in Virbank Complex (when you get to second gym) and WORKING WIFI CONNECTION.


Time to proceed.

Go to 2nd floor of any Pokemon Center and talk to the person in the middle and select Global Trade > GTS and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. Then press DEPOSIT POKEMON.

Select your first Magnemite to deposit then set the Pokemon you want to be another MAGNEMITE at ANY LEVEL.

You want to do this step as common courtesy to other people also doing the same to increase join avenue population because there are only so many magnemites to go around on GTS so when you keep trading, the number only keeps decreasing unless more people put up more magnemite for trade.

Now that you’ve deposited your first Magnemite, time to search for one. To do so, simply search for Magnemite and leave other fields alone. You’ll see people that have Magnemite for trade and want another Magnemite in return. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO TRADE WITH since they’re also participating in this. But sometimes, other people are faster than you and you get the message like this from above.

Don’t worry, just change the country search criteria to one of the following: Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, or Japan. You could try other countries but these are by far the countries that have the most selections. And ta~daaaa. Once that’s done, you can do the trade 11 more times (since Join Avenue only lets 12 visitors in at once). The next time you log onto GTS, your first Magnemite would have been traded already so you only need to search 11 more times.


Remember how I said up there to search for the the countries and whatnot? To help other people search for the Magnemite you put up for trade, simply talk to the geonet (the globe) and set your location. It’s helpful if you set the location to a more popular country.

Annnd that’s about it.

I hope you guys found the picture step by step helpful.

Good luck increasing your Join Avenue!

Reblog to spread the word to your fellow Pokemon fans! Happy playing BW2 guys ✪ v ✪

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